the love we yearn for.

The love we yearn for – you all know what kind of love I’m talking about. It’s in every romantic movie you’ve seen, every pop song you’ve heard and every romantic novel you’ve ever read. It’s the kind of love that brings you to tears, the kind of love that makes you feel whole, the kind of love where you surrender your soul to your lover.

But before I get into that, let me go over what I feel is an inevitable series of events that we all go through in the hopes of finding that kind of love.

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the hurdles of isolation.

So I was talking to my friend – let’s call him John – during the build up to Valentine’s Day. From one conversation to another, we got onto the subject of being alone. Not explicitly in the sense of not having someone to love and celebrate this day with, but more along the lines of not being around others, be it friends, family or loved ones.

No one is comfortable in being alone.

I have that problem. I fear of being stuck in limbo; not being able to move forward, or worse, failing to be the person I want to be.  Continue reading