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“all books are judged by their covers until they are read”

How do you feel perceived?

I feel like a lot of people perceive me to be young-minded and not capable of my accomplishments or dreams in life. But I think that’s because I am usually quite cheerful and happy and that can come across as naïve sometimes. I almost feel that to establish an assertive figure I have to be hardened to the core, cynical and tough. Why has that become something associated with authority?  Continue reading


ambitions to be influential.

ambitions to be influential.

Having spent several months applying for PhD’s and research positions across the UK and Europe, I have come across a concept that has plagued me to my core: What do you do if you’re never going to matter?

How do you get over the crushing weight of knowing that you’re never going to influence the world in a significant way? Isn’t that an innate thing that we all aspire to achieve? That we want to have that impact on the world?  Continue reading

the hurdles of isolation.

So I was talking to my friend – let’s call him John – during the build up to Valentine’s Day. From one conversation to another, we got onto the subject of being alone. Not explicitly in the sense of not having someone to love and celebrate this day with, but more along the lines of not being around others, be it friends, family or loved ones.

No one is comfortable in being alone.

I have that problem. I fear of being stuck in limbo; not being able to move forward, or worse, failing to be the person I want to be.  Continue reading