leaving the herd and the walls of conformity.

As conscious individuals, how do we go about finding an answer to the intrinsic tension between us wanting to realise our full potential and us wanting to realise ourselves as unique individuals that resist the perpetual pull of conformity? how do we avoid surrendering to the hypnotic state in which we blindly follow others like sheep – the state where we subconsciously and inevitably find ourselves in, time and time again. 

I guess our way to answer this is by taking the plunge – to leave our so-called comfort zone. There is no guide book or instruction manual for how to live our lives. As philosopher Terrence McKenna once said, “The syntactical nature of reality is that the world is made of words, and if you know the words that the world is made of, you can make of it whatever you wish.” Reality is just a word, and we are free to create our own reality, unencumbered by any obligation to follow the herd, thereby freeing ourselves from the walls of conformity that blind us from seeing what lies ahead and exploring the unknown.

As individuals trying to break free from conformity and shaping our own individuality, we may be considered insane. We have to be mad to live, mad to love, mad to set our own path, and hungry for everything. After all, it is the men and women like Gregor Mendel, Albert Einstein and Marie Curie who were once considered insane who now have their names forever etched in human history.

– F. Ifram


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