battling big emotions.

personal turmoil

Many of us have gone through times when we’ve experienced big emotions, and we know exactly what the source of these emotions are, rationally, and we know why we shouldn’t be feeling that way.

It seems that we may have a good grasp on it, and yet, that knowledge or consciousness of it; the rational part, doesn’t do sh*t. And that sucks. Especially when you know exactly how you should be feeling or thinking about something and yet you’re not. This can then culminate to where you’re blaming yourself for not being able to use that information to make yourself feel better. 

The toughest battle, and probably the darkest in a personal warfare, is the feeling that everything you’ve done is sh*t; that the position you’re in in life is sh*t, and that you’ve squandered every opportunity to do things. We know that’s not true – or at least not in its entirety because we have squandered things; it’s a part of life – but I guess we don’t really know what to do with this one; when will it be enough to satiate that consciousness? How do we escape from those big emotions?

– F. Ifram


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