the love we yearn for.

The love we yearn for – you all know what kind of love I’m talking about. It’s in every romantic movie you’ve seen, every pop song you’ve heard and every romantic novel you’ve ever read. It’s the kind of love that brings you to tears, the kind of love that makes you feel whole, the kind of love where you surrender your soul to your lover.

But before I get into that, let me go over what I feel is an inevitable series of events that we all go through in the hopes of finding that kind of love.

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leaving the herd and the walls of conformity.

As conscious individuals, how do we go about finding an answer to the intrinsic tension between us wanting to realise our full potential and us wanting to realise ourselves as unique individuals that resist the perpetual pull of conformity? how do we avoid surrendering to the hypnotic state in which we blindly follow others like sheep – the state where we subconsciously and inevitably find ourselves in, time and time again.  Continue reading

the ambiguity of beauty.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Can we really argue rationally about an irrational subject such as beauty?

Philosopher Immanuel Kant once said that if we think something is beautiful, then we want everyone to agree with us. That is true, although the chances of that perspiring into a reality is unlikely. Our individual perceptions of beauty are a reflection of our own personality and individuality.  Continue reading

hiding behind our secrets.

We all have secrets. Be it secrets we strictly want to keep confidential or secrets that we want to let out but are afraid to do so. I’m going to focus on the latter. Your secret may be telling someone you love her for the first time, or telling someone that you lied to them, or telling your child that they’re adopted; any of the hard conversations we have throughout our lives. Whatever your secret is, the experience of revealing that secret is universal. And it’s terrifying. We all feel it. But we have to do it.  Continue reading

a personal (r)evolution.

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 16.18.55

What brings about the changes from what we were in the past to who we are today or what we will be in the future?

If personal growth is quick and sudden it can change everything. You can end up being someone you don’t really know anything about, and the things you have now are absent in that person you have become – like a different person altogether. It’s the kind of change that, when you really think about it, you’ve always been wanting; someone who exercises more, is more driven and goal-orientated, makes an active effort to travel more, or whatever you’ve been wanting to change for so long.  Continue reading

battling big emotions.

personal turmoil

Many of us have gone through times when we’ve experienced big emotions, and we know exactly what the source of these emotions are, rationally, and we know why we shouldn’t be feeling that way.

It seems that we may have a good grasp on it, and yet, that knowledge or consciousness of it; the rational part, doesn’t do sh*t. And that sucks. Especially when you know exactly how you should be feeling or thinking about something and yet you’re not. This can then culminate to where you’re blaming yourself for not being able to use that information to make yourself feel better.  Continue reading


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“all books are judged by their covers until they are read”

How do you feel perceived?

I feel like a lot of people perceive me to be young-minded and not capable of my accomplishments or dreams in life. But I think that’s because I am usually quite cheerful and happy and that can come across as naïve sometimes. I almost feel that to establish an assertive figure I have to be hardened to the core, cynical and tough. Why has that become something associated with authority?  Continue reading